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A Complete Guide To The Structure Of A Term Paper

Like any other scholarly report, writing a term paper can be very hectic as it includes a daunting process in structuring it. A term paper is an example of a research paper that students are required to work on through the semester and submit at the end of the term. 

Being no easy task, structuring a term paper requires due diligence and loads of keenness. It contains some different elements and it would be a good idea if you started to familiarize yourself with the different parts of a term paper in advance. 

In this article, we have compiled a complete guide to help you master the different parts of a term paper before you starting to work on yours.

The Title Page – this is considered as the very start page of any term paper. Typically, this page contains your name, registration/admission number, your tutor’s name, and department, and of course the title of your work. All these details need to be positioned in the middle of the page.

Acknowledgment – this important section comes right after your title page and includes your sincere gratitude to everyone who has genuinely contributed to helping you through your research and writing endeavor.

Table of Content – think of it as a navigational part of our essay report. This part of your term paper contains page numbers to the different other sections and sub-sections of your research paper. Consider including its variation for your list of figures and tables.

The Abstract – in the abstract section, you will be required to provide your readers with a comprehensive yet summarized overview for your research paper. Be careful to make sure that you compress your abstract and fit within the required word limit.

Introduction – in this section, you need to provide your readers with detailed information as to how you settled for the research topic, state the research problem, highlight your objectives, and define the direction your research will be taking.

Literature Review – This part is meant to provide you with the opportunity to showcase the relevancy of your research by critically reviewing other studies that have been done on the topic. This helps to elaborate and communicate both importance and urgency for pursuing research in that direction.

Research Methodology Section – here you will be required to give details of how you intend to do your research, collect data, analyze, and implement your research procedures. It is an inherent part of your term paper and requires keen attention. To earn extra credit in this section, consider to discuss the relationship between different research variables and explain the research design that you will use.

Results and Discussion – others just name it as a result. In the result section, you are required to provide an in-depth analysis of your findings accompanied by supportive evidence and your own commentary. It is a crucial part of research as it helps to identify any outstanding research gap.

Recommendations – as the name suggests, this is where you put all your opinions and suggestion for appropriate action to follow suit.

Bibliography – this is the last part of a term paper and it contains an alphabetically arranged list of all reference materials that you used for your research

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