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A Look At The Core Parts Of A Research Paper

Any research paper needs to be structured well to appeal to the masses. Despite the numerous existence of different doctrines and disciplines that use different formats and styles for their papers, there are several core parts that they all have in common. Knowing this, your work becomes simple and you only have to work towards making your content to flow logically.

Other than having good writing skills, you also need to be able to identify and use the correct format, style, and structure for your paper. In this article, we have discussed the different core parts of a research paper and hope that it will go a long way in helping you get the grades that you are after.

Before we get to that, we urge you to be keen on the type of assignment that you might be working on. Be sure to go through the instructions several before starting to work on it. By doing this, you will be able to identify the type of paper you are required to write and its parts. Different assignments have different approaches. For instance, you might not necessarily need to have a method and methodology section in a normal class essay.

The Title Page – this is a crucial page that communicates your name, the heading of the paper, and any other important preliminary information. Make sure to follow instructions from your educator and observe the style recommended for the paper.

The Abstract – this is another highly important part of any research paper. An abstract refers to a comprehensive summary for the whole paper covering core information including your thesis statement and hypotheses. It covers every other part of your paper except figurative elements and references.

Introduction – the introduction part communicates the research problem, your thesis statements, objectives, and incorporate a declaration of your stand on the subject. This section needs to be done thoroughly and should include thought-provoking language to raise your readers’ curiosity.

The Methods and Framework – this important part should highlight the methodology that you aim to adopt. This includes the research design and data collection and analysis methods that you will use. As for the framework, you have to include the conceptual and theoretical framework that informed your work.

Results and Discussion – this is now an area of interest, especially to expert members in your field. This part of your research paper needs to be designed to accommodate your findings, all the supportive evidence, and commentary. To be more presentable, aim to use tables, charts, and figures.

Conclusion – like any other report, research papers also have to come to a close. You need to be careful though. Many students often fail to observe some common ground rules while writing their conclusion. To help you fetch good grades, try as much as possible to end your research paper dramatically. However, you need to be very keen not to bring in any new information or content in the conclusion.

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