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How To Write A Successful Reaction Paper

A reaction paper is a write up used in expressing feelings and once thought about a topic. In this form of assignment, you should make your suggestion and give a thorough explanation to your readers. The primary concern is your concluding segment, where you have to bring your understanding to your reader’s awareness. 

Reaction paper emphasizes the need to understand what you are writing about and not just with the focus of impressing anyone. It means you have to develop your communication and analytical skills. An excellent reaction paper should have the following parts in it.

  • Part 1

In the beginning, you have to make available the topic you are about to discuss and list out your subheadings for the work. Only use the format given to you by your instructor so as not to reduce your grade. You are free to quote anyone at this stage. It is allowed. 

  • Part 2

The next phase is when you explain your ideas and recommend possible ways to solve the problem at hand. Make sure your thoughts are explanatory and straightforward enough. Concentrate on the issues alone and discuss them extensively. To help you build an argument, you can compare the author’s ideas with yours and then relate everything to the immediate environment.

Things to note in writing a reaction paper

  1. Read as much as you can and extract any information you can get from it all. You only need ideas of those authors and facts about the topic you want to write on. Take note of their compelling points and memorize the important and related ones. 
  2. Have a notepad or a pen used to highlight writings. It helps you to note the particular information you need.
  3. Upon the idea you have gotten, you need to come up with your own opinion. Use a sentence to explain or summarize your idea. You can later develop your idea as time goes by.
  4. Consult other authors for ideas as well.

Few errors to avoid in your reaction paper

For accuracy's sake, you have to avoid some basic mistakes, which include: 

  1. Use examples that are simple and easily relatable. Don't use abstract examples.
  2. Don’t copy and paste your source directly. Just pick your points and explain in your words.
  3. Create an argument not necessarily supporting the source of your work.

How should your reaction paper look?

To get the best of grades in college, you must follow instructions and abide by the format given to you. Before you start writing, be sure about the correct format given by your instructor and then structure your ideas to follow the instructions carefully. Every academic assignment or research work always follows a particular general rule, which is the parts to include. The elements include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Don’t also forget that you have to reference those books and authors that you used as a guide for your work.

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