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Important Parts Of A Research Paper

There is no point in having well-discussed and interesting findings with no proper structure of communication. If you randomly discuss your essay without adopting an appealing style, your paper will not be attractive in any readers’ eyes. To help capture attention and be more appealing to your target audience, you might need to follow an approved structure in designing your final draft.

There are several disciplines in the world of academics and research today. More are still being introduced as new inventions and innovations are made. However, these variations should not worry you at all because they all follow similar basic outlines of research papers, and you can hire a research paper writer to get out of trouble. Let’s discuss these crucial parts in detail below.

An Introduction

In most cases, the introduction section is the first part of any research paper. As the name suggests, researchers usually use this section to introduce their work to the audience briefly. To do so too, you should make sure that your introduction section introduces the research problem, in brief, communicates what you are trying to achieve with the research, and finally highlight your stand. While there is no set guideline for the appropriate length, we suggest that you follow the instructions given.

Literature review section

This section shows the credibility and alignment of your work with other previously done studies. This communicates that your work is timely and urgent especially if you are addressing a common problem. In this section, you can use a funnel-shaped approach whereby you can start with a general discussion and later narrow down to specific research gaps that you would like to address. To make it more effective, you should tailor this section to go hand-in-hand with your specific objectives for the research.

Methods and/or methodology section

This is one of the easiest parts when writing a research paper. It entails the methods and research designed desired for the proposed research. However, different disciplines and research call for varied methodologies and experiments. This includes the design, equipment, samples, and apparatus used in the research. This shouldn’t scare you away though. Just remember that the key here is to make your section as replicable as possible. This quality enables other researchers to replicate your work in future settings. One thing to note here is that you don’t have to simplify the section too much. Feel free to use industry or departmental jargon for clarity, as this is a more professional part.

Result section

This is one of the most essential yet highly varied parts of any research paper. Depending on the type of data that you collected, this section aims at displaying your core findings. Avoid discussing too much in this section or you’ll clash with the discussion section.


This is where you provide your readers with explanations and more commentary for your findings in the result section. It helps them to follow along and connect the results with substantiated claims.


Being the last section, summarizes and displays the significance of your research work. Others use this section to highlight key recommendations and offer snippets for the future.


This is an important part where you show all the works cited in your paper for credibility purposes. Make sure to use the appropriate instructions and style desired for this bit.

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